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White Pleated Drapes

White Drapery is the perfect way to dress your venue, whether it be to enhance certain areas, or transform a whole event space such as a barn or industrial area. You can hire our white drapes to cover walls, partition rooms, create stylish entrances and walkways or backdrops.

Our white drapes are cleaned and steamed ahead of your Wedding to remove any creases, and our team will careful install them, steaming out any creases from transport, ensuring they look fantastic when your guests enter the room!

We also stock small sections of drapes to sit above doorways, or can create neat partings tied back with a plain or coloured sash, meaning entry and exit points can be preserved, whilst ensuring a seamless look. The white drapes come with a top swag which can complete the look, however many couples opt not to have this – it’s completely up to you!

Our white drapes are installed using our pipe & base rigging. This is the industry standard system for hanging fabrics in rooms with no fixing points, meaning the drapes will hang level and can be used in any venue, usually up to 4m in height. We are also able to provide draping and rigging systems for taller venues, so please do ask if you are looking for something a bit “non-standard”.

This system also allows us to partition rooms and totally change the layout of your venue. For example, at your Wedding you may wish to divide a room into a drinks reception area and a main seating area.
To give an estimate for draping your venue, we require the length, width and height of the room as a minimum. If you have a full floor-plan or we can talk to the team at your venue to get scale drawings, then we’ll be able to give a more accurate quote straight away.

As part of our service, we will visit your venue before the day to check the measurements so you can be sure our team bring everything they need and can install as efficiently as possible, keeping within your event timeline.

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