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LED Starcloth

Starcloth Hire is perfect for backdrops for your Wedding band, Wedding DJ or other entertainment you may be using at your Wedding. Our ShowLED starcloths are also great for blocking off unsightly walls or areas of your chosen venue, or why not surround the whole of your venue with starcloth creating a fantastic intimate setting for your Wedding?

Our starcloths are manufactured in the UK using ShowLED components and are one of the most widely used starcloths across the world, featuring on TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, Children in Need and The Cube. They are professional grade, and made from quality, fireproof black wool serge with high intensity and dimmable bright white LEDs. We do not use the cheaper, plastic-style cloths which always look creased.

Our starcloth can be set to either static, or various twinkling patterns on which the speed and intensity can be adjusted. We can even link a whole room of starcloths together and make them dim and chase at different points during your day, or synchronised with our Wedding Lighting services. Please ask us if you require starcloth with coloured LEDs as we can also organise this for you!

Starcloth is available in single sections of 6m x 4m, or multiple cloths can be joined together to cover a full wall, or even the whole room. Our cloths will be installed and removed by expert staff, using a freestanding pipe & base system, so that no rigging points are required.

This also means they can be placed right against walls with no rigging visible, or tripod legs intruding on the space available in your venue. We also stock custom built wooden door surrounds, to allow safe entry and exit to the venue whilst sill allowing a seamless Star Cloth cover.

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