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Drapes & Starcloth

Wedding Drapes Hire & Starcloth Hire are one of our most popular options for Wedding decoration. The beauty of all our drapery services, is that even the most beautiful of venues can benefit from the special touch they provided by hiring our drapes. Or perhaps you wish to bring to life, an otherwise dull environment, transforming it into the perfect Wedding setting?

Where can I use your Wedding Drapes?

Our white pleated drapes, black wool serge drapes and starcloths are self-supported using a freestanding pole system so they can be used in any venue and don’t require any fixings to the walls of your chosen venue. They can also be used to divide rooms and create alternative layouts within in the space you’re using. Our drape hire services are available throughout the UK.

What about ceiling drapes?

Although we use light-weight fabrics, we do usually need to make fixings to the venue using small screws, unless there are already fixing points. If you’re in any doubt as to whether it’s possible to have ceiling drapes at your venue, we’re happy to discuss the finer with the venue management and arrange a site visit to confirm requirements.

For more information on any of our wedding drape hire and starcloth hire services, please choose from the links below, or if what you would like isn’t listed please call our creative team on 01386 898 113¬†to discuss how we can create a custom solution.


White Pleated Drapes

Black Wool Serge Drapes

LED Starcloth

Ivory Starlight Backdrop

Ceiling Drapes